Cyberchristmas for the wild lovin’.
Cyberchristmas for the warm-hearted.
Cyberchristmas a-comin’,
Cyberchristmas a-burnin’.

With the fire that makes it all a-shinin’.
I kiss you, honey, love is all the meaning.
I sing with the stars
the songs of our love.

Cyberchristmas for true lovers.
Cyberchristmas for all lovers.
Cyberchristmas for more lovers.
Cyberchristmas enchantin’,
Cyberchristmas dancin’.

On the road of becoming
with you, the woman…

…of happy longing.
You are sweetness-honey.
I’ll be with you all the time.
I’m never boring and you are so kind.
Lovers always have a good time.

I guess you are no angel.
But then: I do not really know.
I see you dancin’, see you laughin’,
you are no dream, you are for real.

Cyberchristmas for happy lovers.
Cyberchristmas for gentle lovers.
Cyberchristmas for speedy lovers.
Cyberchristmas turnin’ on,
for a one to one.

A bright light is callin’,
in your eyes I see it dawnin’.
Your embrace is honest,
let’s fly into the mornin’.

Heaven is there
when you are most earthly.
There’s no end to the happiness
you give.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany