Cyberparadise (by Mirakali)

Speeding up faster than speed of light.
You feel the wind in your face.
The sun shines warm on your back.
And you are the king of cyberworld,
the fastest, the greatest, the one
that got the key to all the worlds.
Nothing can make you happier than this energy
flowing through your veins and mind.
You are the hero that saves the world.
You are the king that leads towards

You are the lonesome warrior that doesn’t know any fear.
You are the cool and sexy driver that breaks all the limits.
You are the lover, king and hero of

All your friends will always be at your side.
You beam through galaxies and explore the universe
with your spaceship, the fastest one in this dimension.

You know all the solutions
and nothing can stop your victory.
You love to feel the wild fire burning
in your heart with passion
until it lit all the stars to a more beautiful light,
fantastic and bright, hot and infinite.
You know how to do it and you are really the best.
No doubt you are the hero of Cyberparadise.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany