Cyberviking Saga (The Earth Was Shaken)

“The earth was shaken from deep within.
A human body brought the heavens here.”

Come nearer all ye friends and listen to my chant:
Cyberviking saga now for you I will unfold.
It begins with love and through love it will advance.
The saga it is of love and with love it will end.

Cyberviking stood on the shore of mighty time
when a sunray suddenly touched him from behind.
The warmth made him shudder and the light alarmed.
He turned his head, with golden passion she was armed.

Her beauty burned a passage to his mighty heart
and through all his senses entered into his blood.
The greatness of powers that command the vast
now had to bow to all-mighty love.

The Cyberviking looked, saw her gown part,
saw her bare whiteness inviting his touch.
He stepped into her glory, saw the wideness of her eyes.
He made her feel his manhood, she was giving him her light.

The light of Valhalla, the light of Ragnarock.
The light of the rainbow, the light of the gods,
the light of the honor of Odin’s freedom love,
the light of her soul, the light of his balls.

Behold, the shadow dragon now appeared from the dark
of the deep foundation called Odin’s mask.
A mask it is of terror, of horror and of war.
Inconscient, it is hiding the original love.

The love where lust begins, the love that comes to help,
the love that comes to save, the love brought here by her.
The mother is she, the harlot and the girl,
the child she is, the eternal birth.

Cyberviking saw her and she saw him.
Love is never ending, is the love of her and him.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany