Dance Chick

The world is electric with the Dance Chick wild.
Seducing are her moves, like free fall is her drive.
Her body is exciting like a snake and like a tiger.
The confusion she can spread is anarchic, takes you higher.

The world is ecstatic with the Dance Chick world.
She is drivin’ you insane with her beat of the girl.
Her hair is fiery, pure orgasm every move.
Dance Chick has the power that makes it easy to do.

Tons of boring people, tons of unfree hearts:
The nights belong to her and not to sucking turds.
Her turbo is fantastic, she has the lick of life.
If you don’t get a boner, I guess you must be blind.

Me, I really dig it to kiss her hot and tight,
to rub her every movement, make her fantasies sigh.
Front shot and backdoor, headlights and her silky skin:
The tune is in her body, in her fertile swing.

The world is erotic with the Dance Chick love.
She has the beauty-juicy, bringin’ back all the hope
that life is for the happy, for the young and for the bold.
Her arse is firm and classy and her look is morning gold.

Her dance leaps from the dancefloor straight into your soul.
She can make you happy, she is fit to give her all.
Dance Chick with her muscles and her smooth skins
gives you all the sizzle, the ecstasy that wins.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany