Deep Cuts On The Edge Of Life – An der Grenze zum Leben

Deep Cuts on the Edge of Life. Crisis looms.
Focus on one thing: a warming planet.
Future costs of a changed climate are
catastrophic as catastrophic damage comes
from climate change. Global warming exists
and is caused by people.

Politos are sucking the people til gettin’ what
they want and then go back on everything promised.
Questions are followed by silence, then I hear that
in Eurasia the history of the 21st century is written

and that same-sex unions reduce stigma and
discrimination and that love is love, regardless
of sexual orientation and that the message in its
right moment is electric. No one escapes the storm
and the ideological potency of its victory is singular.
Peace, equality, democracy, freedom and independence
are the noble things to be achieved. Serious and
non-corrupt politicians are needed.

Deep Cuts on the Edge of Life – An der
Grenze zum Leben while we are dancing in
hurricanes of climate change, unequal wages,
biodiversity-loss and the impacts of population-
growth that are all accelerating at the same
time and together. Climate change and digital
connectivity drive human migration and all
urgently calls for the United States of
Planet Earth to handle all these howling
winds of change:
“Deep Cuts on the Edge of Life –
An der Grenze zum Leben …”

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany