Download Experiences

It is important from where you start,
not so important where you get.
Download Experiences explain the rest.

By watching you learn, by being you realize.
My hands move over your body, move attentive, don’t divide.
Download Experiences make you sensitive, bold and wise.

Judgments can’t be trusted, trust only love.
Opinions are no deal for the heart.
Download Experiences modulate every move.

Tears are rolling like years in vain.
Broken is the line that’s bound with pain.
Download Experiences make you yearn and sane.

I put my book down and hold your face.
I look at you. Time is not fixed, it is straight.
Download Experiences change into kisses that save.

I turn my head to the girl in my dream.
I’m forced to ask, but silence is stronger and sweet.
Download Experiences say what they mean.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa & Mirakali, © Mira Sound Germany