Earth Goddess (by Mirakali)

All cultures know her, the earth goddess,
the queen of earth’s destiny,
warm is her loving heart,
faithful and true is her strength
that pushes the evolution forward.
She is the mother of all

that lives in the air, in oceans, woods and land.
On her breast bloom the flowers.
Vivid the animals, flying in her air,
flying in her sky.

We admire the power of her storm,

roaring wild with flashes bright and thunder strong.
Bright the birth of her light of every new dawn.
Every new day a new life, a new promise
to liberate life, to find the well of felicity.

Sun of her sweet delight, amorous earth and sky,
raining upon her body with warm kisses.
Clouds hiding for a moment her happy smile,
young and immortal since the beginning of all time.
A moment later earth goddess opens her eyes, seeing you.

But how is it with you?
Can you hear her tender call?
Can you feel her heart singing sweet and deep?

Can you touch her with hands of tenderness
that give her back all the love we have received from her?
Can you see her lonely tears
when you have forgotten love?

She asks you for peace and love,
asks you to wake up and understand.
Do you want to answer her call?
Change of consciousness is what we need.

Don’t close your eyes, don’t hide your heart.
Quench her thirst for a world of compassion,
a world reigned by mercy and grace,
a world that is great from within,

strong with all love we can give.
You can always give more than you think.
You can always give more than you receive.

Strong with the freedom you give,

mighty when you are free yourself.
With our dreams we are great.
With our love we are the victory.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany