Earthly Dreams And Cosmic Life (by Mirakali)

Back in paradise with you.
We have come home to be the goal.
Back in paradise to let the party start.
Glorious stars sing and dance with naked girls.

Heroic men, poets and balladeers
tell of courage and honour,
of strength and glory, of winning
without pain and sorrow.

Back in paradise with you
with earthly dreams and cosmic life.
You are always at my side,
you live in my heart forever.

You kiss me and we feel the power
streaming in waves of golden fire
from soul to soul,
two hearts that are one.
We feel the strength of our love
rising like a storm of glory.

We are born to feel life
from the depth of our soul
rushing to every cell,
to breathe the fire of freedom.

Burn fire, burn strong and stronger,
never lose the courage to be
what you are and will become
at the end of the beginning.

And then the journey starts:
From earthly dreams to cosmic life
in the love of a man and a woman
that are free.

And love fulfils its glory
and love realizes its dreams:
immortality and ecstasy
felt and alive in the embrace
of a man and a woman
that are you and me.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany