Erotic Lady

Erotic Lady for a one to one.
In your beaver let me drown.
I’m flyin’ on the waves of music
sending sunrays into your eyes.

Your moonglow look is enchanting,
it matches with your parting lips.
Your hair is touchin’ softly
the skin of your breasts, firm and fresh.

Every part of your body shines
with invitations for many ways to cum.
Your curves are expressive and smooth.
When we do it, we touch the roots.

To be inside your beamin’ life
is better than all promises of paradise.
You love a strong man’s touchin’ tune.
You love me, you show it the way you move.

Erotic Lady like a morning sun.
Erotic Lady, I’ll turn you on,
make you see things you never saw before,
make your love strong, yearnin’ for more.

When I ride you to the orgasm scream
and when I show you the unknown dream
your body and soul are reality bliss,
you give yourself into every kiss.

Erotic Lady – it’s forever new.
My love is the sun shining on you.
My love is endless and it is true.
When you give, you know to be really you.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany