Europe For Me & You

I am thinkin’ about my world,
I am thinkin’ about you.
And the world I’m thinkin’ about
is Europe, you know.
And in this world I’m livin’ with you.

I’m not only livin’ there with you,
no, it is much more:
I am lovin’ you there and that’s all,
and that’s why Europe is the best place I know.

I’m a-dreamin’ ’bout the world with you
and the future we want to build that’s true.
It is bright with children and the light of peace
and the joy of love singin’ so sweet:

Happy are we beyond politics
on a continent that knows how to be
the living celebration of humanity,
the future-proof way of how to be free.

Remember me, darling, as things appear
on the event horizons of whatever can be:
It’s the way of hope that is really clear
in this world that’s made for the free.

No place can be greater than the one with you,
and that is Europe, honey, I tell it for sure.
I can love you there and that’s true
and that’s why Europe is the best place for me & you.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany