Festival Of The Bright Earth (by Mirakali)

You meet your friends and have a good time.
You meet in the feeling of friendship and love
and your fire burns strong and wild.
It’s the fire of your dream of a life
of love and freedom and ecstasy
that dispel all darkness once and forever.

You walk into the night
and stars and galaxies
of the Bright Earth come down to us,
transforming our planet
into a place of golden Glory.
It is another fire and it is good to feel the warmth.

There is the origin of your soul.
From there we come. There is our future.
We build a new world here in Mirapuri
together with all our friends,

together with all who understand
that with a change of consciousness
we can change the world.
It is the power of our souls,
the power of our love
that can save the world.
For this love we fight.
With this love we win.

The victory is peace, is happiness and joy.
The earth reborn as a new paradise
with all its glory and all its treasures.
The planet healed by our love.

Love unites all nations. Love unites all humanity.
And we celebrate the festival of the Bright Earth,
the festival of all our dreams
that now become real
in a new world, in a new paradise.
It’s now and here.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany