Fire Inside You (by Mirakali)

There is a fire inside you
that burns since the beginning of time
and is alive with your immortal soul.
There is a fire inside you that has the key
to your power greater than anything else
that shakes our world.
It’s the power of love
that can fulfill what love dreams.
It’s the power of friendship
that surrenders itself to the love of your best friend,
that knows how to trust and how to forgive
every punch and every pain.

There is a fire inside you
that burns with your hope
and has more power than certitude.
More than knowledge and wisdom
is the unification with the universe.
It’s more than you can ever imagine,
or think or explain.
There’s something beyond all barriers,
something beyond the wall,
something that begins beyond the horizon
and moves your heart
and knows the truth.

There where religion, state, spirituality and atheism stop
begins the universe of love and freedom.
There is a fire inside you
that knows it all and is one
with the secrets and its solution.

The impossible things as well as the possibles
live inside and outside of time and space
and move with the same light
that is your fire that burns deep inside you.
Wild fire that wants to break down the walls
to become free, to breathe once in the strong air of life.
Wild fire that wants to reach the world of love
to drink from this ocean of bliss
and dive deep into a new reality.

There’s a fire inside you
that burns since the beginning of all times
and is with you on your journey
through the ages of human evolution.
It burns with your power of love
and burns to make you free,
so that you understand:
there’s nothing in this worlds as precious like love.
There is nothing as important as love.
And you should never stop to seek for it and to find it.
There is nothing as great as love.
Nothing can make you stop to find it.
Fire inside you, burn strong from ages to ages!
All the time for all eternity!

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany