Fly With Me To The Stars (by Mirakali)

Stream towards the vastness,
enjoy the inspiration that comes to you,
friendly into your house
where also the lovers arrive
for the festival of light,
celebrating all the beautiful things
that come when the life
is open to bliss, simple like a child.

When friends meet
they are happy to be together,
happy that they are not alone.
Sweet is the song that lovers understand.
Dance with the waves of the sea,
wide and infinite sea of vision.
Surrender to the wind
that carries you to the shores
of a mighty sea.

Wide into vastness we fly together
on our wings of love‘s golden mystery.
Your energy shines like brilliant light
from the depth of your heart into the world.
Fly with me into the happiness
of the future world that will be born.
Fly with me into freedom
with the power of our souls.

Storm in the world, storm in your heart
our love shines bright into the night.
Oceans of light emerge at the shores
of our home planet here on earth.
Our consciousness speeds up and reaches infinity.
Time and space liberate themselves and become free.
Fly with me to the stars
into the wideness of our delight.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany