Listen to me baby, a story I will tell.
A story ’bout Fortuna, she’s my best friend.
Forge your alliance with your good luck.
Forge the alliance with the songs of your heart.
Don’t listen to what others think in your head.
It’s not your own life, it’s not your own work.
The songs of your troubles, the songs of your hopes,
the songs of your longings, the songs of your love,
the songs of your work: they are the songs
’bout the fortunes of God, oh man!

Fortuna is her name, She’s a pretty girl.
She won’ tell you junk, for that she is too young.
Sing you are satisfied when you are satisfied.
Sing you are rich when you are rich.
Look forward with hope and find your answer.
Live your life, it is your true gold.
We don’t live in a sorry world.
The answers are there in the song of a bird.
The answers are there in the voices of work.
The answers are there in the climate change.
The answers of God are there, oh man!

The songs of Fortuna are sown in your heart.
Free speech is their word, free singin’ their tune.
Free pursuit of happiness
is the first and simple right
of a free people, of a free life
of women and men and children bright.
Songs walk free, can fly through the air.
They cannot be choked, cannot be condemned.
They can come, they can go, they can meet and talk.
They are freedom if they are your song,
your timeless song, your Fortuna song, oh Lord!

Fortuna’s job is the here and now.
It is there where you meet her, it’s there where you are.
Today has the power to create tomorrow.
This week, this month, this year, this age
are all the wonders of your workin’ hands,
of your workin’ mind, of your workin’ heart,
of your workin’ limbs, of your workin’ soul,
of all of your body and spirit and more,
of all that won’t be gone with the morn,
of all that will be true now and forever,
of all that is comin’ from the fortunes of God, oh man!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany