Free Is The Sky (by Mirakali)

There are no borders that can stop us. The time of the small ego-world is over and before us the immensity of a new world that knows no limits for the realization of an infinite creative joy that enjoys all the expressions of a divine life.

When I look at the world of mankind I‘m wondering how long it will take until all awake. Who wants to change something of the small world of ego-life to step into the wideness of soul-life? Who is ready for one step towards love? Who is ready to help that peace can come?

Who is ready to do anything? Our planet with its nature and all its living beings is one world with so many forms of expression. Our planet is one soul that is the home of so many souls living on it.

We are only one species or living form and we have like everyone the responsibility to do our best to protect our home planet. Every life is precious, as precious as the whole nature, too.

Every meadow is full of worlds, of flowers and other animals living there. It’s magic of playing light, splendor of colors and smell. Every wood and jungle is a miracle, all the majestic trees, fantastic orchids, singing birds, water and earth. The oceans unique in their power, calm and endless or wild in the storm.

We too, are part of this wonder and our aim must be a world of peace and of world union where all can live a free life of love and friendship, happy and creative, progressing in consciousness and realization, fulfilling our deepest truth.

A world union where all help each other, cooperate and always do the best for all living beings and the planet. It is a world where love is more important than all egoistic ambitions, a world where being together and giving brings fulfilment.

Every day we come closer to reach this noble goal. Every land and race has its soul and unique culture. Everyone brings something unique that enriches world union.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany