Freedom, Yes, Freedom For You (by Mirakali)

He opens his eyes and sees the world as one.
He feels the heartbeat of one world
that belongs to one humanity
that has reached a world free from ignorance,
conscious of its divinity and love
that has the power to change the world
and move on into the next level of creation.

Everything becomes new.
What’s inside turns outside and all fuse
into a new creation of liberated love,

of fantastic bliss and never ending delight.
From soul to soul, from moment to moment
the mystery unveils and becomes free.
There’s nothing more to hide.
Everything is alive and proud to be.

Become what is real and sweet.
Tenderness and power will be one,
peace and freedom everywhere.
One race of beings in all colors and diversity,
that is richness and gives us pride.

She opens her eyes and sees a world of love.
She feels the world pounding in her heart,
feels the love that burns bright into a new sky
of a world that has forgotten all pain
and is free and creative strength.

She feels his embrace and both are
the dreamers of the dawn
that rises before them with all its glory.
The true winners are the lovers.
Those who can forgive are the ones that are free.

Warm rays of light dance through the leaves.
The birds sing, soft wind and the magic
of a new day rises together with the sun
for the birth of a glorious age,
glorious age of lovers and freedom fighters.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany