Full Scale Topical

I turned my eyes into the light of the car park,
but then stared up at a tremendous sight:
People entangled in a web of glaring light,
prisoners who destroyed half of their lives
in a spectacular riot a few suns ago
but in the end did a favour only to their diabolo.
From the inside hell where chances are slim.
Where evil brothers grin you need help to win.

Peace is power, laughs at every evil thought.
Peace is power, changes every evil course.
Peace is power that nothing can resist.
Peace is power that clears what contradicts.
Peace is power, the power of your trust.
Peace is power, the confidence that lasts.
Peace is power, free of calculation.
Peace is power of the truth intervention.

I still turned my eyes into the light of the car park.
I knew how to throw blows while I’m fallin’ hard.
Don’t give distance when the other throws punches.
Put your face into his chest and block his power.
People in their depth are disturbingly the same.
Time only passes fast on the the outside of the game.
In silence you can navigate your way to the centre.
From there you will know how to go against anger.

The help is there, it’s in your blood,
in the beauty of living, the greatness of love,
the joy of being, the unfinished look
where the dream is fresh like a Karate chop.
I hear the people shouting again and again,
mostly in foreign language: „When will it end?“
„Don’t move and don’t follow!“, scream the men with the guns.
But peace is big power, drives the magic of the young.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany