Future Rocks

Out of jail, back on to the street:
Future rocks for real.
Food prices high and wages low,
politicians don’t want to go.
Let the problems be problems, only follow the truth:
Future rocks for sure.

Christchurch in ruins and violent clashes:
Future shocks, you know.
There’s change in the air and brutality pure,
the future will show the truth.
Execution of citizens, threat to protesters:
Future knows no taboos.

The rumor ‘bout girls means nothin’ to me:
Future rocks, that’s all.
The rumor ’bout changin’ is future-proof,
is what people like to do.
Independent thinkin’ is the fuel for love:
Future rocks, is tuff.

I got the message from the street:
Future rocks every deal.
Governments must lower the expenses for living.
Wages must be equal all over the world.
What it really means to run something
the future for sure will show.

The internet is breedin’ Facebook revolutions:
The oil-market is gettin’ nervous.
Profit from experience, gather piles of money
but be noble and friendly.
Sharing is the answer and not corruption:
The future rocks, wants satisfaction.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany