Gang-Girl (by Mirakali)

Gang-Girl with your shining eyes
deep from the other shore.
Blood-and-thunder of your glory
refulgent at the threshold of your light.
Huge the hurricane of your love and bliss
impassioned by the rhythm of your heart.

Gang-Girl with your warm lips
enchanted by the body of your love
true through all storms
and waves of passion and pleasure.
Strong with your heat,
beautiful with power.
Gang-Girl, golden dream.

Happiness is your gift
wherever you move your body’s bliss.
Your smile shines like a sun,
warm with kisses of light.
Your begonias are for love.
Gentle the warm spell
of your boundless sweetness
ready for your lover.

Gang-Girl, heroic woman,
with you all turns into bliss.
Your rockin’ body a paradise
for your lover’s embrace.
Your life is free and wide,
your love is strong and sweet,
your dreams are our Supergang.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany