Girl Warriorz (by Mirakali)

Girls that are always strong, seeing what is right,
seeing what is wrong and choose the right.
Girls that act with the power of their hearts,
knowing what is true and what is false and choose the true.
Girls that move with tender warmth of their bliss,
feeling the vast and never choose the prison.

Everyone should be free. You should be free.
If you have a chance, then take it, don’t waste your life
by waiting for a better moment.
The best moment is now. Feel it and be the best you can.
Girl warriorz are women that are true and strong souls.
Destiny and the power to do the right.

There’s always a greater good to be reached.
Truth is like a flight of light to always greater heights.
Don’t miss the chance, rise high and higher.
Breathe deep the power of life.
Every man needs a woman at his side
that brings his vision into the world.
Love expression for a better world.

Girls that are love power, feeling their souls
and act like angels on earth. Girl warriorz of love.
Girls that are moving bliss, giving you the wonderful kiss
that lets you remember what you have to do:
Always be true.

Girl warriorz fighting for love
and there will be a new morn.
Girl warriorz fighting for freedom
and there will be a new dawn.
Girl warriorz fighting for happiness
and there will be life.
Girl warriorz fighting for bliss and there will be love.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany