Golden Vision

She had finished her call, she was approaching.
His mouth was revealing, showed the thirst for love.
He is not cheated easily, too simple are all plots.
She was nervous in her stomach, felt the wave rising hot.

She kissed his face, she kissed his brow.
She kissed him slowly, she kissed him gently.
He felt her graceful happiness, her extreme surprise,
felt the perfect response, the stillness soft and kind.

Golden vision, golden flight.
Golden vastness, golden light.

She held him tight, drank deep his passion.
Core of her flame he was, she the thrill beyond question.
Love is fulfilling and destroyer of death,
liberator of what seems to be lost in unending darkness-depth.

She was like a book in his hands and her eyes where moist.
The moon had departed from the rain and they walked into the place.
Glowing was the water and the lake was shining.
Her self undivided followed a silver moon sinking.

Golden vision, golden flight.
Golden vastness, golden light.

Fair night was fading, there were lights in the windows.
They paled with the dawn, the mild hour of tomorrow.
Thoughts came to him singin’ from far away,
the chances of life, golden visions of her.

You never know where you are till someone is coming.
In the silence of a moment your heart stops thinking.
There are fierce kisses burnin’ the darkness of soul
and memories of horror vanish in the gold.

Golden vision, golden might.
Golden vastness, golden light.

Now birds are whistling.
It’s the first morning.
The hills in the east are gently shining.
She must be in the house, he will knock at her door.
She longs to see him, loves him ever more.

He comes to her, he enters her air.
A breeze there is moving her hair.
The island is bright, pure is the day,
golden the vision, golden the way.

Golden vision, golden wide.
Golden truth, golden smile.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany