Heavenly Experience (by Mirakali)

Bodily experience ends not
with the limitations of matter.
Sensuality communicates through bliss.
Limitations disappear
when you know
how to move with heavenly sex.

Cosmic consciousness,
galactic oneness,
and the tender wideness
of the summit
of all orgastic blissfulness.

Light over light explode in an eternal moment
of sweetest delight
with all its mighty power
that can break all limits
and rules and natural laws
how life has to be, how it will always be.

But freedom is greater and love is mightier.
Nothing can stop them when they are one.
You see it in the happy eyes of your beloved
when you open your eyes after this beautiful kiss
that says: ‘I love you more than earth and sky.
I love you more than my life.‘

You taste it in the moment of your highest bliss
when you surrender all your being
to the ocean of tenderness and devotion.

You give all and receive even more
than you ever expected in dream and life.
Heavenly experience in two earthly bodies,
heavenly experience and the gates open wide
to let in the new paradise.

Bliss and love, trust and hope,
ecstasy and happiness, strength and power
all united and one in the moment of bliss.

Beautiful power, beautiful strength
free for this new delight
that flies on the wings of happiness,
exploding with brilliant joy and sweetest trust
that love is the true way,
that love is the thing we need
to find back to peace and happiness, to feel it
once more this sweet ecstasy
of heavenly experience, o yes, I love it indeed.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany