Supersunshine halos and grand action in the girly-zone.
Erotic holiday with sunny sea and stunning escorts for naked porn.
I use extra lubrication to enter doors easy,
and this for sure sets off the ladies again.

The girls love to be played like an X-box,
never letting their energy die down.
Overstimulated for sapphic experiments
the girls come from non traditional families.

Seated between two babies
I make myself interesting to these ladies.
By the end of the day they’ll know about
french kissin’ the sophisticated way.

There’s always a lot of pristine ruby-fruit
and miracle girls for superheroes.
Sweet blondies flash their smiles
showing great bodies and it’s all alright.

Comic books enhance pleasure.
The girls there don’t wear panties
and only leave their boots on,
so that everything becomes ten degrees hotter.

Second only to nature
Cyborgs use water-based fluids.
They have bigger fish to fry
and don’t need stupid restrictions.

Then the orchestra played
that hell-raiser again,
and the finale was
the biggest hell-raiser ever.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany