Her Dreams Wide Awake

Her name is Tarana, she couldn’t sleep.
She and her story gave me a treat.
A lamp shimmered and her strong body
was warm and was pressed to mine.
Her memories moved beyond all time,
shakingly sensual her sex gripped my life.

I recited a long list of self-made dreams
and decided to save my skin
to be together, together with her
and lose control any time on earth.
The experiences I had were of the dangerous kind.
Her hands on my shoulders drew me to her smile.

The no-man’s-land that’s everywhere
told its lies of no escape
from being bored to craziness.
But with her I knew it would be great.
Her melodies rang in my soul.
The sound of her voice came from the all.

No grief there was, no nothing.
She and her story were in me so kind.
The lamp shimmered and her strong body
was warm and pressed to mine.
Her heartbeat moved in tune with mine,
her Dreams Wide Awake were one with mine.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany