Hidden Well (by Mirakali)

There’s a light hidden behind your illusions.
When you are not willing to open your eyes
you won’t see anything.
There’s no satisfaction in lies.
There’s no honor in being selfish.
When you want to change the world
the revolution begins in yourself.

So strange is man. So painful his ignorance and carelessness.
He scrambles for wealth and doesn’t understand
that there’s nothing more precious than love and friendship.

When will you be reborn?
When will you wake up?
When will your heart begin to beat in tune with love?

End the wars in the world.
End the wars inside you.

There’s a hidden well inside your heart,
a place of celestial beauty,
a place of infinite bliss
without shadows, without hardness, without brutality.
You carry it in yourself.

Open the door and let the light and joy and love come out.
Everybody speaks of war and destruction
but in this moment a new child is born
bringing its love and dreams to earth.
Now in this moment our world is richer
with this wonder .

Every birth is a gift and a great chance for all.
Don‘t lose love and all its beautiful dreams.
There exists much more than you can ever imagine.

The whole universe moves
with the movements of a consciousness
that is self-conscious, self-creating.
You can call it god,
you can call it love.

The movements of this consciousness
are so great, free and wide.

There are all dreams free.
There the future is before us,
ready for our awakening.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany