Hunting The Girl

By searching our soul is creating life.
The road is without before or after.
The road is where we are in time.
And I kiss you with a dream in my mind.

This girl was dialin’ when she stopped.
The crowd itself freezed in this very spot:
Perfection lingered in this place
of her spell and promise and dream of fate.

“Gonna get me a piece, got a phat pocket.”
She waited and said: “It’s paid for.”
She hadn’t moved from that spot
where we have shared experiences.

Mail and magazines and computers,
magnets and kitchens and all that it takes.
Peace for all the mentally challenged
and rollin’ with her not pullin’ a Rodney King.

Being next to her was innocent love,
the fleeting image of the eternal cause.
No proposition born from fantasies:
She and me stayed illusion-free.

Now steppin’ into another world
I saw her, the Viking Girl.
Knowin’ what goes on in a bed
she couldn’t worry about the future.

By searchin’ we lead a creative life
and our soul is bewitched like our mind by a flute.
The road is where we fall in love and
where the kiss extends into her dream.

A voice in the dark and people watchin’.
Crossin’ the river, hearin’ words that go deep.
I see how she acts, goes to work.
After a time we are heavenly engaged.

Being next to her is innocent love,
is the moving image of her eternal cause.
No smilin’, illusory mirror treat:
She and me is real to real.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany