I Picture Myself

I picture myself
in a ruby-red stone,
I dive into emerald leaves unknown
to my mind’s wondering song.

O Soul, awake and come close,
illumine your house,
and burn into the night
your all-mighty rays
and conquer illusion with
all-embracing Love.

I picture myself
in a forgotten tale
and follow the footsteps
of mysterious kings.
I picture myself
in a hidden smile
and a look so tender
and so far away.
Yes, I picture myself
in a summer noon.
O Soul, awake and be close,
touch your outer court
and touch with Truth the Pain.

I picture myself
in your sweet Self,
my heartbeats throb
with longing dreams,
with waves so great and luminous.
O Soul, awake, I feel your breath
and I hear your call, o flame,
burning with the Lord.

I picture myself
in a diamond-gaze
of the One I love more
than all the worlds.
And I feel at last
the end of the toil.
I have come to You, Divine Mystery.
O Soul, o soul, we are one.
You are my life,
and my immortality.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany