I Stand At Your Side (by Mirakali)

Our planet with its nature and all its living beings
is one world with so many forms of expression.
Our planet is one soul that is the home
of so many souls living on it.

We are only one species or living form
and we have like all the others the responsibility
to do our best to protect our home planet.

For this goal I fight at your side.
And I know love will be the victor.

Every life is precious,
as precious as the whole nature, too.
The human race has many artists and many cultures but mother earth and nature are the greatest artists and the greatest culture of all.

For this love I fight at your side.
I believe in our love and know she will win.

Every meadow is full of worlds,
of flowers, grasses, insects and other animals
living there.
And they don’t try to do evil.
It’s a magic of playing light,
splendor of colors.

For this dream I fight at your side.
I believe in love and freedom.
I believe in our dream of a new world of love and peace.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany