In The Sound (by David Butterfield)

Nearer I come,
I’m in the sound,
the sound is in me.
Back on the ground,
guitar in hand,
no time to wait,
no time to stay:
I come closer every day,
I come closer,
no reason to wait.

I waited hours, years,
maybe more,
sometimes I thought
‘Why wait? I will go!
I will go!’

Too good, too high,
too fast, too slow,
still I ask,
still I wanna know.
Hours I stay,
know it’s fine.
If you ask me now,
it will be alright.
It will be alright.

Tonight I sing,
tonight I wanna dream,
dream of a time
when the trouble is gone.
When I wake up,
my heart knows
it’s not a dream,
it’s the thing I will do
and it’s alright.

Lyrics & Music: David Butterfield administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany