It Is There!

It is there! It is enchanting!
It is great – the universe.
It is there and it is crazy.
It is there and is okay.
There’s no doubt, life is young.
We have no limits, we are the strong.
It is there and it is so sweet,
sweet with you and sweet with me.

I look into the mirror, it is like you.
It is all the same, it is me too.
Look up to me as I look up to you.
There is something we will surely do.

There is a time we can’t forget.
It’s about rain, not about pain.
Not to despair is the aim.
It is there, comes from her.

It says to me: “Never say no.”
It says many things, comes and goes.
It is there, it takes me higher.
It is such a simple desire.
I’m a-laughing and they are worried.
Over my shoulder I look at you and see
that I’m dealing with a girl that is free.
You are there, a poetic meaning.

Words no longer have a say.
The only thing they do is to stay.
I have the truth and you have it too.
And I show it and you show it too.
And you see me in the snow.
But when I look up it’s all summer and we go.
It is there, your hands and eyes
and they dare and I never feel shy.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany