It’s First Love

It’s First Love when I see.
Oblivious – and no more waiting.
The things of daily life, always new.
There are sounds in the air.

It’s First Love and we should listen.
Tell me girl, what do you think?
I think and think and am a-thinking.
But then the screen is suddenly opening.

It’s like a song – a panorama.
Next time we are exchangin’ numbers.
It’s still the panorama. It is wide.
It’s First Love. It is bright.

I know the bright light.
It’s there before it is there.
I think we both want the same.
It’s First Love and we do it again.

After all this time I still feel shy.
I know I’m welcome, more than welcome.
Much more than welcome – and no words.
I invite you because I like you.

I should be there but I am here.
It’s First Love and you call me.
The leaves: they are transparent
and I can feel the sun over you.

It’s First Love and no dream.
You are a girl in pocket-less jeans.
I don‘t wait nor are you waitin‘.
It‘s First Love and we give in.

I look at your message there.
My mouth is stealing kisses.
I like it, you are great.
I win and whisper as we are dancing.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany