Jolly July And Her Dreams (by Mirakali)

With love you can dream,
sweet dreams of our future.
The future is fantastic, it is great,
it is strong with happiness and joy.

Jolly July is a young girl living in a wonder place
somewhere in the mountains in a city.
It is Mirapuri,
the City of peace and futureman.
There she lives with her friends,
together with trees and flowers,
Adventure Cat and Cosy Friend.

It’s Jolly July and her dreams.

With love you taste the honey on yearning lips.
With love life is deep, is precious, is the key.
With love you touch bliss, move deeper and deeper.

There she is at home,
there she has reached the haven
for a happy life of adventures and of dreams.
She cares for a garden. It’s a magic place
with fairies, flowers, meadows and trees.
She loves the land, the nature, all animals and her friends.

It’s Jolly July and her dreams.

Let your dreams be wide, let them be free.
Let your dreams reach the sky,
reach the blue infinity.
For your dreams are tomorrow’s mysteries.

Find the profound sea where the cosmos reflects
its beautiful love and sings
its mysterious melody
into the waves moving tender from shore to shore.
It indeed is infinite and the shores are your dreams
there where god kisses your reality.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany