King Of My Heart (by Mirakali)

Silence and the wideness of a golden-red sky.
The sun sinks slowly like a goddess of dreams
that closes her eyes.
God, the mighty artist, has given us life
to find love, to become one.
Yes, my love, you are the one
to whom I belong.
You are the king of my heart.
Earthly bliss so near to heaven
that comes nearer with every kiss
to be our companion in this night
when we are together like hero and bride.

King of my heart, you have conquered my soul.
There is your paradise, there is your home.
The place of our love is on earth and in heaven.
The place of our future is on the Bright Earth.
There is your kingdom of bliss,
there we will be forever one, forever free,
oh, king of my heart.

Tenderness touches the deepest treasure of your soul.
Immortality is there and a light that will forever shine.
Heavenly bliss so near to earth.
Love will unite all worlds and will bring a new paradise.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany