Knowing What’s A-Goin’ On

The power and light of the Spirit.
He comes, sees into things,

the truth of things seeing into ice
and making it melt,

seeing it for what it is and revealing it as it is
with words of victorious insight.

No bullshitting beating drums
but feeling the beat of the young that come.

Being the poet, knowing what’s a-goin’ on,
knowing the world, being born and raised by it,
being all of it and more …

Someone with the head and power
in the community …

able to balance himself on one leg
on a tightrope that stretches
across the universe
and you know him when he comes –
there is only one like him and the audience
goes his way:

A new performer singin’ strong words,
workin’ night and day.

A wide horizon and New World unfolding.
I go straight into it, it’s wide open
and I step in totally alive!

It’s the wide horizon callin’
and I know it’s knowing
what’s a-goin’ on …

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany