Leap Into The Future (by Mirakali)

Musing in your arms, feeling your soft kisses,
drowned in dreams of our love.
The autumn wind is blowing
but I think of spring,
remembering the warmth of summer,
remembering our festival of delight
where we played with our friends,
musicians and poets from all over the world.

Everyone brought his gift
for the birth of a New World to come,
celebrating the day when all nations united
for the United States of Planet Earth,
celebrating the festival of love and peace
and happiness
for all lovers and friends, for children and poets,
for artists and singers, for workers and seekers,
for all who are ready for a leap into the future.

Take this kiss, my love,
this kiss I give you with all my love.
Take this love, my beloved Michel,
this love I give you with all my happiness.

We have reached the summit of the mountain,
stood there in the glory of a heavenly sun rising,

shining with warmth into our faces.
The wind blows gently,
caressing us with sweetness.
The musing flavor of liberation,
the pleasance of freedom, the rapture of oneness.

Then you took my hand with tender strength.
One leap high into the light
and we reach another sky
that opens before us in glorious mightiness.
We fly higher over cosmic landscapes.

Galactic seas let us feel what the divine feels.
We see the great consciousness power
sending you on your way,
sending me to be at your side
for what you have to do in this world.

Leap into the future and a world opens wide,
waiting for new expressions of a new life.
Every sound, every movement, every word and silence
are new with delight, new with vision.

Soul and soul, god and man, nature and stars,
children and flowers, wind and sea.

Take a leap into the light and you will see.
Take a leap into love and you will feel.
Take a leap into the future and you will be.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany