Listen To My Heart

Come nearer to me, baby,
and listen to my heart:
The world is always movin’
and it will never stop.
And my heart is softly poundin’,
singin’ my song of love.
Come nearer to me, baby,
before the night gets dark.

Your glowin’ mouth is tellin’
of dreams and tales and warmth;
of pastures rich with glory
and all that we can do,
of worlds not stained by sorrow
and the hand of false belief.
My love, I’ll always touch you
with sweetness and with ease.

Come nearer to me, baby,
be at home within my clasp:
The world is always better
with hearts in tune with love.
The world is there forever
and we play our part.
Come nearer to me, baby,
see with me the shining star.

And soon the dawn is nearing
and birds will sing again.
I’ll see your face of beauty
and kiss your tender breast.
I’ll see you, all a wonder
of soul reborn in time.
And then we are tomorrow
within a heart so kind.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany