Lonely in the garden,
lonely in the streets,
lonely in the alley
of the false beliefs.

Lonely with a mother,
lonely with a faith,
lonely like the father
of a bygone day.

Is there any meaning?
Is there any way?
Is there any coming?
Is it not too late?

Is the hour ending?
Is the day too long
for a bitter ending,
for a broken soul?

Lonely in the body
with no friend to come.
Lonely like the stars
in the unending all.

All the visions passing,
all the words in vain.
Lonely is the answer,
lonely like the One.

Bliss is all the dream.
Love is all the hope.
Strong must be the moment.
Lonely is the Truth.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany