Love, Forever Love

They say they come from a poor country
of naked, bloody vomit-lust and confusion.
To plumb the condition of man you must bow very deep.
Love, forever Love is what we need.

We are in the midst of the Big Change.
The United States of Planet Earth are coming.
The old concepts don’t understand that.
Love, forever Love is what we need.

We must be open to young and free ideas.
We must be ready for the unexpected.
We must sing the undreamed idea.
Love, forever Love is what we need.
Find the inner room and cry for an hour.
Find a friend and find a partner.
Take care of yourself, win back your luck.
Love, forever Love is right and just.

Learn joy, not madness, talk to friends.
Live community, feed yourself on life.
Be the big signal, all is possible.
Love, forever Love is what you can give.
Live the climax of peace and hope.

Who are you, where are you in the Big Change?
Hope and joy and the power of oneness!
Love, forever Love is your mastergame!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany