Love In The Ghetto

Moving through that dream
of fifty years,
meeting Jesus there on the blind
All the wild mistakes
vanishing now
in our Love in the Ghetto.

Fucking through life
with a crazy figure,
turning the wheel into obscurity,
changing the road into
a dark mistake.
Now it’s Love in the Ghetto.

Brick by brick the house is removed.
The open windows are vanishing now.
The blue is wide, vast the horizon,
the only road the way of the stars.
All the great moments are small afterwords.
It’s time for Love in the Ghetto.

Moving through the Real
of a hundred years,
the question of love still’s hangin’ on.
All the beliefs are childish indeed
while it’s fire and Love in the Ghetto.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany