Love Is The Best Medicine (by Mirakali)

For him who has found bliss there is no fear.
For him who has found love there is bliss.
A sunlit path is there before us.
The sky opens and new worlds pour in
with all the power of glory
and shine with rays of gold upon the earth.

When the world is shaken by catastrophes
then there is still one solution, one help,
one hope that will shine in all chaos:

Love will always be the best medicine,
whatever happens.
A warm hand holds yours while the storm rages
and you crawl over ruins that are left over by the storm.
“Don‘t give up! You are not alone:“
Love will always be the best medicine,
whatever happens to you and your loved ones.

Demonstrations world wide.
From day to day the violence grows.
Today it is not sure what will be tomorrow.
Will you still have a home?
Will there be enough money to survive?
Will the next catastrophe of the planet reach you?
What will be?

Man’s world and the world of nature,
the world of the planet
is brutally shaken
by the wrongs of men.

But in the deepest night
there is always a moment when you can turn
again to the light and to a solution.
It‘s the one way out of the abyss.
Look, there are so many who have lost everything.
But a hope rises at the horizon that can heal all wounds.
Love is always the best medicine,
whatever might happen.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany