Love So Sweet (by Mirakali)

And then it was clear, it was so near:
Love so sweet had conquered earth,
love so great was the bright victor
and life begun with a heavenly sign
to be transformed for a new time.
The world was united in harmony,
new with the consciousness of a great birth
of golden beings coming from a world
of truth-consciousness and bliss.

And they came with love so sweet.
And mankind was touched from a light
of a power of transformation.
Peace and brotherhood and freedom
grow with the strength of truth.
Everywhere was love so sweet.
In every heart was kindled the light
to fulfill its destiny of heaven and earth.

Islands of light arose on this planet
like stars in a cosmic ocean
and their waves were love so sweet.
Life was the revolution of consciousness,
bliss the almighty power of life.
The new beings showed the way,
so that everybody could find the path
to a future so bright and sweet
like love.

It was a great celestial festival,
every moment on this newborn earth.
As I awoke I still felt the tears
of my yearning soul.
But the touch of my love at my side
is all I need for my certitude
that one day we will reach this goal.
One day our dream will become real
with our love so sweet.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany