Loving Ecstasy (by Mirakali)

Happiness in your warm embrace.
I look into the cosmos of your eyes,
carried by the sweetness
of your paradise.
I look into the ocean of your heart,
endless with love and bliss
and feel you and me to be one.

Everything of you
I enjoy with soul and body.
Time dissolves when we drive
from cosmos to cosmos,
fast with our ecstasy burning to the stars.
Burning with the flames of love,
shining bright with oneness,
magic with tender rhythm.

We fly to the stars
in our naked dance.
We touch the feel of enchanting immortality,
of immortal youth and sweet delight.
The taste of heaven in our kisses.
So warm, soft and strong
the wideness in our happy embrace.

Everything of you is precious for me.
Everything of you I love.
Everything of you I enjoy with ecstasy.
A man and his girl,
like one dream,
flying free into eternity.

Tender and always tender your beauty, your bliss.
Calm speed, wide ecstasy,
oneness and love, charming and easy
our loving ecstasy, loving ecstasy.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany