Midnight Rambler

Heard the story, saw the line,
heard the poem in the night.
Felt the wishes, burnin’ wild,
turned to you and saw the light.

Midnight Rambler and the girl of power,
situations change but truth is wider.
By now she might be
in another dream, but not reality.

Midnight Rambler in the streets of wonder,
drinkin’ from a dream that has the power
to change it all into other ways
of being free.

Midnight Rambler on a train of sorrow
or on the flight into tomorrow.
Tell me, lady: “Is your world in vain?”
The distance tells of lies and rain.

There is someone in this universe
turning to each lonely soul,
seeing things from within all,
extending time into the all.

And when I kiss her body,
and when I kiss her soul,
and when I kiss her mind,
all is wonderful, all is wide.

Midnight Rambler in the garden,
moonglow on the lakes of hope.
Girls that bend the laws of givin’,
cheatin’ love with untrue wishes.

And when I touch her body,
and when I touch her soul,
and when I touch her mind,
all is open, all is kind.

Midnight Rambler, riddle of the world.
Midnight Rambler and the love that hurts.
Blood is drippin’ from heart’s wounded face.
Some signals are just in vain.
Sometimes it’s not so easy to explain.

But when I love her body,
and when I love her soul,
and when I love her mind,
all is real beyond control in endless time.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany