My King, Hero And Star (by Mirakali)

Your art opens the heart and shows the way
to the hidden treasures deep inside our souls.

How wonderful it is to listen to your songs,
profound and deep emotions in your poetry.
Poems from heaven from my king and hero and star.

Water from the spring of happiness.
Wind whispering of love seeking love
for union with the divine.

But the greatest one is love.
With every sunrise I thank god that we are together,
with every sunset I‘m happy to be at your side.
King of my soul, Hero of my life, star in my heaven.

I thank you for that and all you are.
You will be forever in my heart and soul and love.
Often I think about life and love.
Often I try to reach the world behind the horizon.

Always you are near to me.
Always I love you. Forever you will be
the king of my soul, hero of my life, star in my heaven.
Gold in your heart, light in your mind.
To be near you is like to be in heaven.

To touch you means to touch paradise.
So wonderful every moment of our life,
so fantastic every new day.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany