My Love & Freedom Song For You

I take you in my arms
of Love and Freedom strong.
I smile and see you there
in the light of the morning ray.

I smile and I think of you.
I remember and feel your truth.
I’m a-kissin’ and a-huggin’ you.
I’m a-doin’ the good and you do it too.

I hold you in my arms
of Love and Freedom strong.
And for you I sing my song
of Love and Freedom young.

Nothin’ in the world can ever stop
the river of Love and its Freedom flood.
With you I feel the space-age dream
and it’s wide and warm and real.

Yes, I see you with my soul
of the Love and Freedom call
leading you into the wonder-all
of the heart of Love that knows.

I caress you with Love and Freedom,
I dream with you the world, the new
and I sing for you the mystery
of you and me, the we of you and me.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany