My Love

I was in the stream of happiness.
Nothing was wrong,
my mind was bright like a sun-bird
sailing through some infinity together with her,
together with my love.

I could touch and feel her so deep
and I could feel her mystery
beneath the stars somewhere in Eden,
beneath the stars of a tender future with her,
yes, with you, my love.

You are the warm light of the evening-sun,
the smile of heaven and the
light of stars, yes, I love you and your light.

I love the light of your eyes,
I love the splendor of your heart,
the wideness and warmth of your embrace,
the peace and strength of all of you.

Tender and sweet I feel your touch.
Your kiss is bright and clear like dew
on the lotus of our dreams.

Hand in hand we move along
the sunlit path of the Lord.
I feel the Mother in your heart
and I touch you with my yearning self.
Yes, I love you and your way.

I’m uplifted in you beyond the stars.
I feel your life in time’s embrace
lifted high into the Bliss,
lifted high into the Force of Her who is our Lord.

I admire you and your light,
I admire you and your Soul,
I admire you, my love,
I’m so thankful, so thankful that you came to me.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany