My Topical Action

My Topical Action is effective action,
is the winning action, is what I’m singin’ about.
I’m staying true to what is right and what is proud.
I’m proud with the strong and the good in my heart,
the good that is love and oneness smart.

I feel love and oneness to be masters of my life,
my long-distance-love-making is world-wide.
I see the new brand of political leader
to be a girl of seventeen and I know why,
‘cause she knows good love and knows oneness kind.

The young world means future, not the past of the blind.
Break up old barriers, see the world’s colors shine.
The young girl is there, controversial and bold.
Her feeling is power, is hot and not cold,
she’s the feeling of love and oneness that knows.

My Topical Action is Love World Action,
is full of life and trusts in satisfaction,
is harmony in chaos and practical to the bone,
is beauty of Love, is Nature, is the One,
is the Good in every heart and the Magic
of every one of us all.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany