Mystery Of New Worlds (by Mirakali)

Move with the dance of light.
Move with your soul’s delight.
Behind the horizon rises a new sun.
Our dreams are reborn
with the fire of our souls
burning high and higher
with the power of our love
that is strong with sweet delight,
with enchanted oneness
and freedom of our life.

Tonight is the night where dreams become true.
Hold them high into the light,
let them fly to the stars.

Bring them near to the truth of your heart.
They kiss you with their charm of the ever new.
It’s the mystery of New Worlds.

You feel the
light and wideness
of the Bright Earth
coming to us.
You open your eyes,
feel your heartbeat with love,
you liberate yourself
from all the old
and walk through the door
into a new life.
The mystery are you
and your soul.

How beautiful is a life without ego,
to be together with friends
who understand your dreams.

Immortal is your soul, there is the key.
Free you are when you are ready for the leap into the new.
Happy you are when you fly like a star.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany