Nameless Glory

But, really, god is too old a name.
“It is the nameless glory and there is
consciousness and bliss”, she said
and all reflections of her flame-born self
told of mighty hours in our room of change.

I said: “Nobody is a liar.” And I asked:
“is there anybody true?” She said: “Nobody is a liar.
If not so, please, do tell me the truth.”
As a wind wrestling through some leaves of autumn she came by.
There was no chance again to stay where all times stage their play.

What is it that made us think of man and golden tunes?
Is there something true or real to believe in?
In all this light there was no reason anymore to see anything like that.
And what we are we even were before time had a say.

They all seemed to be thinkin’ and seemed to be so precise.
They all seemed to be ugly and to be full of pride.
“No more lyin’, no more pain”,
was written in all the games of consciousness bold
and of doubts somewhere in creature’s cold.

And then it was a golden journey,
wider than all this universe.
It was time to plug into this starship again
and to take off from a world so strange
and to find the ocean and the aim.

Freedom of information is the open road
to the true self of humanity,
the power of human genius
and the destiny of human life.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany