New Day, No Past (by Mirakali)

It‘s a new day.
And like angels we have no past.
It‘s a new day
and the wounds begin to heal.

In the trees I hear the birds
singing their melody.
They don‘t sing about
men‘s horror and darkness.

But with men-inflicted catastrophes
they suffer too.
But in this moment
they are in the trees
and sing their melody.
The sun shines warm.
A soft breeze in the leaves.

I don‘t know what was yesterday.
Nightmare of a brutal ego-show?
Horror of men‘s violence?
But today it‘s a new day, no past.

Now I sit here and write this song.
I‘ve dried the tears.
I don‘t look behind.

With you I‘m so happy.
With you it is so beautiful.
With you I feel the warmth,
feel tenderness and hope.

It‘s better not to fall.
It‘s better to fight for every new day.
No time to lose.
There‘s no past.
But for the future we have to fight.

It‘s a new day.
And like angels we have no past.
It‘s silent outside.
No birds anymore
singing of carelessness.
It begins to rain.
Teardrops falling on my page.
But it‘s the last line for now.
Tomorrow will be a new day too.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany